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Your Aviation Medical

All persons wishing to obtain a pilot’s permit or licence must also be the holder of an aviation medical. For the majority of people this is not an issue, however there are several conditions that may prevent you from qualifying for a medical Certificate. If you are unsure of whether you will be able to pass a medical we suggest that prior to starting any training visit an Aviation Medical Examiner, AME for more information.

You don’t need the medical prior to starting any flight training however, you must have the certificate in your possession prior to going solo for the first time. Processing times can vary depending upon time of year, in some cases up to three months; for this reason we urge all students to have their medical done early in the start of your flight training.

Your Aviation Medical Certificate must be renewed on a regular basis. This renewal date is dependent on your age and the type of permit you hold. A Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP) requires as a minimum a Category 4 Medical. A Category 4 Aviation Medical, also known as a medical declaration, is the only medical that can be performed by your family doctor. Before you meet with your family doctor however, you need a medical declaration form. These forms can be obtained through our office or online. Once completed, you can bring the completed form to us and we will send it to Transport Canada for processing.

A Private Pilot License (PPL) requires, as a minimum, a Category 3 Aviation Medical. The Category 3 Medical must be done with an approved Aviation Medical Examiner.

A Commercial Pilot License (CPL) or higher requires as a minimum a Category 1 Medical. The Category 1 Medical must be done with an approved Aviation Medical Examiner. Once the Medical is completed the physician will send it to Transport Canada for processing.

Here is a breakdown of the aviation medicals.


License applicable to

Validity (months)

Under 40 years old

Over 40 years old


Commercial, Private, Recreational




Private, Recreational Pilot Permit




Recreational Pilot Permit



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