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January 15, 2015 · Graduate List for 2014

On behalf of everyone at Future Air we want to congratulate all the following students on their achievements in 2014

First Solo
Josh Perry February 4, 2014
Breandan Mckenna – February 11, 2014
Daniel Silva – March 6, 2014
Jacob Sadl-kolchetski - July 11, 2014
Dan Laing – August 29, 2014

License Completion
Alex Charlton – May 6, 2014
Thejus Keezhaymannil – June 11, 2014
Scott Morrison – June 23, 2014
Sion Jones – July 11, 2014
Marcus Mattinson – July 30, 2014
Genevieve Lang – August 28, 2014
Kyle Horvath – September 2, 2014
Shaun Bougie – September 25, 2014
Ian Mayhew – December 9, 2014
Alex Obradovich – December 19, 2014
Daniel Silva – December 20, 2014

Andrew Gillespie – Class 3 Instructor Rating – October 6, 2014
Genevieve Lang – Night Rating – November 1, 2014

Collingwood Solos
Darryl Phillips Jan 02, 2014
Ben Chapman April 17, 2014
Paul Michelin June 27, 2014

Private Pilot’s
Ben Chapman June 13, 2014

Night Ratings
Robert Campione Sept 30, 2014
David Garber Aug 29, 2014

Congratulations to everyone and we want to wish everyone Clear Skies and fair winds!

Future Air

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“Dear Future Air-viator: For those of us with a passion for aviation, the thought of earning our wings and becoming a pilot is an ambition and an adventure that we have all surely contemplated at one time or another. However, the task is at best daunting to say the least. Full of challenges and hurdles to overcome, and at times, as in my own experience, sometimes seemingly unsurpassable. Of course the end result is an achievement that is well worth the effort, I recommend it highly! And as a recent graduate of the PPL Program at Future Air in Collingwood Ontario, my best advice for anyone following this very same goal is, "Choose Your School Wisely" !!! As an Elementary School Teacher I have had significant training and experience in accommodating student success; I can assure you that student achievement is hinged intently on instruction that is flexible, professional, accommodating and supportive. The staff and Instructors at Future Air demonstrate these qualities to a very high extent.”

Martin Sasek

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