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April 8, 2008 · On Line Booking System

We are pleased to announce you can now book your flights and lessons over the internet. Our new booking system requires that you be able to log on to our membership page. This is a free service from Future Air.

Your membership number is your file number (the six digit portion of your license number). Your initial password is your first name in lower case letters. Please change your password when you first log in. We would also appreciate it if you would ensure that your personal information is up-to-date. It is particularly important that you ensure that your telephone numbers and email addresses are correct as we may need to contact you regarding your requested booking should there be a conflict with another request. You can make these changes to your account by clicking on Account Info in the Navigation bar on the left of the screen. If you do not have an account, please let your instructor know and he will be happy to create it for you.

If you cannot get to a computer or do not use computers or the internet, you may still call in to the office to book your flights.

The booking system is works as follows:
1. You REQUEST a booking by selecting a date, then a time, then a resource and an instructor if wanted, and enter a note or message if wanted.
2. We then CONFIRM the booking after assigning an aircraft and an instructor as necessary and modifying the time if necessary and adding any pertinent notes.
3. An email and a message go out to you confirming the booking.

You use the system as follows:

1. Log in and click on My Bookings.
2. Click on Request a Booking.
3. Click on the Day you want to make your request.
4. The existing confirmed bookings are displayed by the system at the bottom of the display.
5. In the Time Bar, click and drag for the time period that you want.
6. Select the airport you want.
7. Select the type of aircraft you want.
8. Select the instructor type that you want.
9. Enter any notes that you want.
10. Click on Place Request.

At this point one of our dispatchers will review your request and verify that there are no conflicts with other requests. The dispatcher will assign the appropriate aircraft and instructor and enter any additional notes about the flight that are needed. Your flight will then be confirmed and both an email and a message will be sent to you. The email will go to your email address and the message will go to your messages on the Future Air web site.

When you go to My Bookings any current requests and all past requests are displayed on the screen along with their status. At the top of the page you will see a printer icon and the phrase Printer Friendly Version. By clicking on either the icon or the phrase you will get a version of the page that can be printed out. This feature has been added to most of the pages on our web site.

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Gift Certificates! Future Air Wings

“Dear Future Air-viator: For those of us with a passion for aviation, the thought of earning our wings and becoming a pilot is an ambition and an adventure that we have all surely contemplated at one time or another. However, the task is at best daunting to say the least. Full of challenges and hurdles to overcome, and at times, as in my own experience, sometimes seemingly unsurpassable. Of course the end result is an achievement that is well worth the effort, I recommend it highly! And as a recent graduate of the PPL Program at Future Air in Collingwood Ontario, my best advice for anyone following this very same goal is, "Choose Your School Wisely" !!! As an Elementary School Teacher I have had significant training and experience in accommodating student success; I can assure you that student achievement is hinged intently on instruction that is flexible, professional, accommodating and supportive. The staff and Instructors at Future Air demonstrate these qualities to a very high extent.”

Martin Sasek

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